Making: Time for some blogging recently
Cooking: Chicken + Rice + Greenbeans for dinner tonight 
Drinking: A second cup of coffee 
Reading: Cupcake 3 times in the last two hours with requests to read it again 
Wanting: Something from The Pioneer Woman's new linen line
Looking: Like I actually put some thought into my outfit/makeup/hair today 
Eating: NOT eating the instant mac and cheese I made the girls for lunch. Willpower! (cart wheel! fist pump! thumbs up!)
Wishing: I could eat instant mac and cheese
Enjoying: A (semi) quiet house at nap time
Thinking: About appropriate discipline for shoving your sister's face into the tile floor 
Loving: To watch Liza learn new things every day. She "cheeses" for the camera now and well, I die
Hoping: For a stress free, successful first small group gathering at our house on Friday night 
Needing: To clean our bathroom. Wompwomp
Smelling: Probably the dog if I try too hard
Listening: To the air conditioning kick on 
Feeling: Tired. I'm on Day 2 of my "Wake up at 6AM AND TAKE CHARGE OF YOUR LIFE" plan 
Wearing: Tank tops from now until November 
Watching: Fixer Upper tonight at 9


  1. Hershey bars are MUCH better than instant mac & cheese.
    I love Fixer Upper!


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