Dear Bible Study ladies, although I could have chimed in, all I could actually do was stare at my lap and smile when the 75 year old die-hard (Jesus believing) Catholic asked the group if they thought all Catholics were Christians. 4 of you started talking at once and it got super a little awkward.

Dear Bible Study Leader, thank you for letting the "Are all Catholics Christians?" conversation go on long enough for everyone to feel heard and validated and then shut it down and steered us elsewhere.

Dear Caris, when you wake up talking so very loudly, turning on lights and singing, I think to myself, "I don't know where she came from, but she is not my kid." Silence and darkness until 9AM, thank you.

Dear Patch, I hope the tube of anti fungal cream that you ate cures all of your ailments including Ieateverythinginsightitis.

Dear MacDaddy, you deserve someone better.

Dear Liza, you slept snuggled against me as I walked into TJMaxx today. Ladies passed us and smiled and I wanted to twirl and spin and sing, "Motherhood is wonderrrrfullllll gimme all the bayyybiessss"

Dear Kent, I love you no matter what, but your beard is reaching sketchy lengths.

Dear fellow Body Pumpers at the Y, the sketchy guy with a beard behind me? Don't worry, he's with me.

Dear Florida, ILOVEYOU and your gorgeous weather!

Dear Floridians, it wouldn't kill you to crack a smile. Try it. Just a tiny one.


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