Thankful Thursday

Disclaimer: while the following list is all warm and fuzzies, know that yesterday I was capital C cranky and today confirmed the fact that my kids are subpar at hosting/attending play dates. 
Carry on.

1. The thunderstorm happening right now as I type

2. A screened porch and open doors to hear it

3. A large dog to protect me in case someone wanders into said open door

4. Dinner dishes washed tonight by Kent

5. Finding needed items (2T shorts) while Thrift Hunting at Goodwill

6. Slowly adding decor to our empty walls

7. Warm sugar cookies tonight for dessert

8. Funny text exchanges with friends, friend's moms, my mom, my sister, the list goes on

9. A "successful" small group gathering last Friday night

10. Matching bathing suits (girl squeal!!)


  1. Did my text make #8 on your list? If yes, Hip Hip Hooray!!!
    Where's your matching bathing suit?

  2. Would any of the texts include two high school friends texting about Cadbury Mini Eggs? :D Come visit HH and get some shopping done!!!


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