3 {How We Celebrated}

Luckily for Caris, her 3rd birthday fell during our week of vacation with Kent's parents. Papa treated us her to breakfast at a cute, delish restaurant (where she exclaimed, "HEY I know ROOFY!!") and then we spent most of the day at the beach. 

Seeing the decorations upon waking up was overwhelming for her. As in.. she turned and faced the wall for a solid 2 minutes and wouldn't turn around.  I decided to tone down the expectations after that. 
Only the start of her presents. It was a Frozen/Princess filled day, but most popular was the flash light from Aunt Anna. 
Y'all. The cake was nasty. Not in a hyper-critical "No YOU'RE prettier" kind of way. Something went terribly wrong and I was both bummed out (gimme some good cake any day) and mortified because my father in law was ingesting it. BUMMER all around. 
Happy Birthday Little Shuggie!!


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