Day 5: One Year

Little Miss, at One Year...

-You wear size 3 diaper
-You weigh 18  pounds 12 ounces 
-You are 29 inches long
-You wear 12 month clothes
-You sleep for 12 hours/night
-You have 2 teeth 

You like to eat almost everything! You especially love fruit and of course desserts. 

You love pointing and making noises at birds and squirrels outside, climbing onto the fireplace hearth, taking toys out of something and putting them back in, chasing your sister around the house while Mommy holds you and runs, kissing people and stuffed animals, sliding at the park, crawling to the door when Daddy comes home 

You don't (always) love not being held/getting put on the floor, having to leave your Lovey in the crib, getting dropped off at the church nursery, when your sister makes a repeated loud noise, when your sister sits on Mommy's lap (instead of you), having to wait for a meal. 

You're able to wave hi/bye, give kisses and hugs, crawl really fast, walk/"cruise" along the furniture, sit in a little kid easy chair, go down a slide alone, play peek-a-boo, imitate people

We call you Li and Li-Lou 

We love you Liza! You are full of energy, spunk and affection. You make us laugh and wear us out on a daily basis and we are eager to watch you grow even more this year. 


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