Making: Banana pudding tonight 
Cooking: Kent grilled a steak and brats last night
Drinking: Reheated coffee 
Reading: About Jesus' death, with the girls, today (A day late! And I still might forget!) 
Wanting: To eat a big bowl of fresh fruit salad
Looking: For play/sporty sandals for Liza
Eating: Hershey Kisses and Cadbury milk chocolate mini eggs at night
Wishing: Caris would actually run during her soccer game. Y''s rough. 
Enjoying: Feeling the baby more frequently  
Thinking: About if #3 is a boy or girl. I'm getting curious. 
Celebrating: Easter tomorrow. Jesus offers eternal life through his death and resurrection! 
Loving: Caris' excitement when I gave her new crayons and markers
Hoping: Kent will hang some pictures and art for me later today
Needing: To pick out clothes for church so we'll be on time tomorrow 
Listening: To Kent mow the lawn and Caris reading a book out loud in the playroom 
Feeling: Relieved that I finally put our huge, hardly used exersaucer (like this but much older) by the curb & someone took it
Wearing: A navy blue tank top and Phillies pajama pants
Texting: A few of Caris' gardening questions to my mom, the Queen Gardener. Where do pickles grow? Where do peas grow? 
Watching: A few episodes of The Great British Baking Show Season 2 every week


  1. Are you going to look for bargain Cadbury Mini Eggs on Monday?

  2. Oooh the struggle is real! Must.resist.temptation.


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