Dear Dad, thanks for answering my text with a phone call as I pushed iron supplements around in my grocery cart and for reminding me that a complicated question gets a complicated answer

Dear Clearance Easter Candy, I tried not very hard to resist you, but couldn't do it

Dear Ilse, Thanks for passing on your Family Circle magazine to me so that I can have something easy to read while keeping my kids alive

Dear Liza, Watching you think hard to form sentences is the cutest thing I've ever seen and heard

Dear Caris, Listening to you dramatically read picture books that you've memorized is the cutest thing I've ever seen and heard

Dear Lazy Genius Granola Stored in a Glass Container on My Kitchen Counter, thanks for making me feel like a hipster baking mom and for tasting delicious with vanilla greek yogurt

Dear Pregnancy Weight Gain, I love your purpose, but why do you always insist on taking up residency in my face?

Dear Bigger Car Savings Account, every month I put a small chunk of change into you and it makes me feel responsible. I love watching you grow.

Dear Tuesdays, What is it with you?! Why are you always the hardest day of the week for us?

Dear Kent, sometimes we laugh at immature things that seventh grade boys laugh about. I'm pretty sure that is what marriage is all about.


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