Dear Pool Guy, I'm sorry our large barking dog was on the back porch at 6:53 last Wednesday morning, thus resulting in you probably having to go change your underwear before going to the next house.

Dear Lady in the Walmart parking lot, thank you for pushing my cart back to the cart return so I could buckle my kids in. No, God Bless YOU.

Dear Christmas tree, I'm glad you're still hanging around.

Dear Kent, one of my new joys in life is watching you suffer through an exercise class beside me.

Dear Liza, when you walk by me and say, "Hi! How are you?!" I nearly die from the cuteness.

Dear Caris, you have the memory of a Jeopardy player and the energy of a thousand suns. Care to share either of those things with you forgetful and tired mom?

Dear Children's Director, I'm secretly relieved that we'll be on vacation during the week of VBS this year.

Dear Patch, thanks for letting the girls sit on you while saying "Giddy Up!" and for usually answering to weird horse names.

Dear Anna, thanks for the Amazon Prime hook up!

Dear 2017, please go s l o w l y.


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