Sunday, January 15, 2017


Making: Big plans for next weekend 
Cooking: Kent grilled burgers and a pork loin. Grilling ROCKS. 
Drinking: Lemonade 
Reading: The Life Giving Home by Sally Clarkson
Wanting: A big leather cross body bag and a new hair straightener
Looking: Forward to a special someone coming to visit this week
Eating: A bowl of cereal
Wishing: We had free babysitters ( family) like so many other people do
Enjoying: Playing soccer outside. The shrieks and giggles, y'all...
Thinking: About a fun activity to do with Caris. Tea party? Geometry? 
Loving: When Kent plays with play dough so I don't have to   
Hoping: The screams from a nearby house are happy football screams and nothing more 
Needing: To mail a package, return a gift and mop our floors
Listening: To the ceiling fan, crickets and quiet (sleeping!!!) children 
Feeling: Productive- the Christmas stuff is finally out of the garage and into the attic 
Wearing: Sweat pants and a t shirt 
Watching: ABC's Great American Bake Show- the recent Christmas show


  1. Have fun with my kindred sister!

  2. wohoo! (secretly hoping that she cleans some of my house)


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