Nighttime Feeding

True Story: A story that should start with "You probably had to be there..." but try to imagine...

Last night at 3:30AM Baby Suits was sad and hungry (Sleep training officially began today. More on that later, but I am wearing my Superman shirt and it seems to be working) When she wakes up, I normally bring her back to bed to feed her unless...

A) I'm feeling super nice and don't want to wake Kent up
B) Kent has a busy day coming up and I don't want to wake him

It's usually always B.

Like last night, the reason was B and I stumbled down the steps with sad Baby Suits. Whenever I stumble down the steps, I always think, "How creepy would it be to see somebody walk across my front porch. Or worse, what if somebody stuck their face in the window and looked at me." Not sure why I think this every.single.time. 

And if you're a local reader, it wouldn't be a funny prank to play on me. My heart would literally stop beating.

So last night after I thought it again, I walked into the living room and heard a deep "Helloooo". I screamed and thankfully clutched Baby Suits instead of releasing her (Motherly instincts in action. +5 Mommy Points for me). She started screaming uncontrollably. The loud someone-is-torturing-me scream. 

The greeting came from skinny Papa Chuck who was stretched out on the sofa under a white blanket...kinda like a creepy mummy... I stumbled back up the steps with a now hiccuping and traumatized Baby Suits only to find Kent- awake, thinking that someone had dropped Baby Suits. 

Pretty sure nighttime feedings will never be the same again. 

Time with Grandpa in the daylight. Much better this way.
And yes, he is wearing Anna's capri pants.


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