Earth Day

You know it's time to move to another state when... you run into a guy from your 9th grade English class working at the local Starbucks.

On Earth Day we hugged a tree and took our reusable mugs to Starbucks for free coffee. Only a few Starbucks were participating this year and we knew ours was one of them. However, somehow the workers at Starbucks were caught off guard. Kent stood in line for forever- long enough for me to get the "Ohgeezthisisawkwardlet'sjustleave" feeling, but it paid off in the end when our "World's Best Dad" tumbler and candy cane mug were filled up for free. 

please note the coffee grinds floating all over the top of my candy cane mug. kent graciously plucked most of them out. 

And to top things off, the guy from 9th grade English recognized me (after making a coffee grind pool party in my mug) and we had the obligatory awkward conversation. 

Free coffee cheers to that! 


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