Last Hoorah

Today marks the last day of our Post Baby/ Post Africa Staycation. It's hard to explain... you just had to live it, man. (Said in our best hippie voice) We were an endless cycle of eating and sleeping. We high-fived each other if we took showers that actually included washing our hair and we didn't even cook half of the meals. If we weren't eating or sleeping, we were playing on iPads, watching Downton Abbey or holding the baby. 

Today was our last hoorah because Big Poppa Chuck comes in tomorrow. Mom will have to become a missionary again with an actual to-do list (and not just the multiple hypothetical ones we made up in our heads) and "I just had a baby" can only last so long (don't worry, I intend to use it for at least a few more weeks). To celebrate our last hoorah, Ma and I went shopping for the afternoon (4 hours!) and we ate Papa Johns for dinner. YumO. 

Disclaimer: During the Staycation, Kent continued to attend his classes and was only late twice. 


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  2. tried to comment... it showed up twice. so i deleted it, and now it's gone! here is my comment again (hoping it's not going to show up 4 times...)

    sounds absolutely perfect! and that picture! she is the cutest. i am so so so impatiently awaiting the moment i get to hold her. miss you! tell momma shelly i said hey!!

  3. ahh she's getting so big! look at those chubby cheeks. she'a a cutie. :)

  4. So happy you had this time with your momma! I'm sure EVERYONE tells you this, but go easy on yourself now too okay? Lots of Downton Abbey is still fine! Staying in pj's all day is still fine! Just do the bare essentials and nap whenever you can. Okay I'm sounding obnoxious now ... But I was way too hard on myself in those early days ...


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