When to Pack

cruisin' down sparks street 
Although we don't have a full time job/calling/reason to move, we've watched enough HGTV to know that your house will sell quicker and easier when all of your junk stuff is out of sight. A closet looks much bigger when there are 4 dresses in it instead of 40 (guilty). SO once the Missionaries moved out, we hit the ground running and began to pack things into boxes. 

Boxes from Chick fil A that have pictures of waffle fries on the side of them. 

And suddenly lunch at Chick fil A seems like a nice break from packing... 

The Best Time to Pack: When you're sick of tripping over things in the middle of the night. When you think to yourself, "Someone just put me outta my misery!" When you want to run around the house yelling, "MY FAVORITE NATION IS DONATION!!!!"* 

The Worst Time to Pack: When everything reminds you of your childhood home. When everything seems valuable or sell-able. When "I might need this someday" runs through your head more than once.  When you pick up the same item 3 times, turn it around and put it back down. 

*Bill Devlin quote 


  1. HAhaaha! Kait, love the quote - shout out to my pops... what a goof he was/is/will always be.
    love your blog, miss you guys - hope you are all doing well! your new little baby girl caris is just beautiful:) love, sarah


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