Dear Patch, that pack of Smarties on top of your dinner? You're welcome.

Dear Mother in Law, thanks for paying for my peaches and frozen veggies today.

Dear Chick fil A Workers, thanks for oohing and ahhing over my baby cow this morning. I was so overwhelmed I couldn't figure out what to order (3 count chicken minis + Coke Zero) 

Dear Fellow Walkers Across the Lake Murray Dam, I didn't really want to smile and say "Good Morning" to all of you...I was just trying to be like my Mom.

Dear Pediatrician, you are super laid back. Shouldn't we at least worry about something?

Dear Kent, this single parenting gig is for the birds. Come home soon.

Dear Tiny Su, thanks for sleeping till 7 every morning. I owe ya. 

Dear Ma and Pa, I anxiously check my email every morning waiting for mail from you. Thanks for being my pen pals. 

Dear Boxes, if I trip over you one more time so help me... 

Dear Whole Wheat Bagel with Melted Peanut Butter, no one can separate us. I'll love you forever. 


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