Beach Trip Part 2

Mornings started on the front porch for most of us. For Ben others it started by stumbling out of bed, onto the sofa for ESPN and then onto the beach. 
2 stylin' girls ready to hit the beach! 
Kitchen clean up crew 
Here's our very own heart patient success story
Although Ma still can't hit, she looked quite fab playing wiffle ball this year. Miss Skinny Minny. 
This is what vacation is all about: leopard print shirts and wide-armed sleeping 
We have a shrimp night and every year we've bought medium sized shrimp. This year Charlie bought jumbo shrimp and it turns out that jumbo shrimp make you feel fancy and RICH. 

You dip them in butter and then you get two bites out of each shrimp. The second bite makes you feel ritzy and overindulgent. We put away 6 pounds easily. 


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