Monday, May 15, 2017


I'm writing from an undisclosed location in South Carolina using spotty internet connection. An update on life happenings will come soon, once I return to civilization regular internet connection 

Making: Plans to host a goodbye gathering for a church friend 
Cooking: Nothing (praise hands!) 
Drinking: Today I had coffee, water and a small cup of Sprite Zero
Reading: The Magnolia Story is waiting for me at the library 
Wanting: To know if we're adding a brother or sister to the mix. I think we'll look soon
Looking: At boy clothes, but not buying any
Eating: My Ma's cooking 
Wishing: We didn't have a seven hour drive in our near future 
Enjoying: Hanging with family 
Thinking: Too much these days 
Celebrating: Ben's engagement to Karyn and nephew James' baby dedication 
Loving: Watching our girls spend time with their extended family 
Hoping: To struggle well (What's blogging without a little vague writing?!)
Needing: A bathing suit for our upcoming beach trip   
Texting: Sweet supportive friends 
Listening: To the ceiling fan
Feeling: Pregnant + out of shape + like a Floridian when I try to walk up my parent's neighborhood hill  
Wearing: Black pants and a pink tank top. Old Navy tanks for life!! 
Watching: 101 Dalmatians for the first time with the girls tonight  

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  1. 101 Dalmatians: Great movie
    You are in my prayers



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