Life Lately

We bought a tree! We began to sweat in the Home Depot jumbo tent and had to remind ourselves that yes, it is Christmas time. 
 Right off the bat we broke an ornament again this year. It's a new tradition! 
Liza had her first hair cut. She lost her baby mullet ( but on her good hair days, she still had her beautiful baby curls) Moment of silence, please. 
 The after shot. We're looking to order her cap and gown tomorrow. 
Somebody hold me. 
 I tried to take a picture to put in our Christmas card and it ended like this. Hence, the stack of cards on my dresser. 
Other honorable mentions... 
-Two of Kent's brothers came down for the weekend (for the Clemson game in Orlando). We ate donuts and pizza and had ourselves a real good time 
-Kent and I spent today hobbling around after our first Body Combat class
-Our neighbor gave us a huge (five feet tall, maybe?) doll house. It's hiding in the garage and Caris doesn't know yet
-The forty cookies are baked in preparation for my first ever Christmas brunch/Cookie decorating play date Wallapalooza (on Thursday)
ho ho ho 


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