Splurge Part 2

*Please remember this is a JFB

Splurging on a ridiculously expensive COACH bag has been in the works for a few years now. I never could get up the nerve to buy one until now. My reasoning, which finally put me over the edge, was that the bag would make me hands free to lug my newly acquired, precious, heavy cargo around. {And she's only going to get heavier} The bag is the perfect size to fit just what I need: phone, car keys and cards. Things to know when ordering from COACH:

1) They will slap on an extra $20 for tax and shipping. Beware.  
2) Order the complimentary gift wrap. Even if it's not really complimentary. 
3) Let the {complimentary gift wrapped} box sit on your kitchen table for at least 2 days to tempt you and get you more excited. 
4) Wearing a fancy purse in public may make you walk down the aisles sideways so as to not scratch it, thus adding to your shopping time. 

And lastly, if you buy a leather one, take time to smelllllll the bag. Really smell it. It smells like a fancy boot. Or the horse saddle from the horse that I've never ridden. 

The last time I splurged on something like this was back in 4th grade when I bought Felicity, the American Girl Doll. Thank you, birthday money, for both purchases. 

I plan on using the bag until I'm 75. I'll be rockin' it at my grandson's wedding. But even if I don't use it for the next 50 years, it was worth buying it just to see my Dad's reaction when I told him the price. His eyeballs fell out of his head and my "hands free" justification didn't really help him understand. 

Special shout out to Ma, for being just as excited as I was and for making a small photo shoot out of the experience 
Practicing my Suburban White Girl pose. 


  1. Do you still have Felicity? She might want to come play with Molly at our house.
    You look great with the purse. Loved the entry in the blog. I laughed.

  2. Ha ha hilarious post! love the bag!!!


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