Four Years Today

Then & Now

4 Years Ago: I wore my $50 (but super altered, which made it more expensive) DREAM wedding dress
Today: I wore my husband's gym shorts (just for a little while, but yes, I'm letting myself go already)

4 Years Ago: Kent was tired after playing Nintendo 64 too late the night before
Today: Kent was tired after getting up at 3AM with a baby (He's a keeper) 

4 Years Ago: I shoveled tasty reception food in my mouth after we drove away
Today: I shoveled tasty pancakes from Cracker Barrel into my mouth for breakfast

4 Years Ago: I was jobless
Today: I'm jobless again (more on that later)

4 Years Ago: I lived with my parents
Today: My parents live with me


  1. Cute post! Congrats on four years! Yep, kids sure change your life!


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