On the Lake

One of the perks of being a missionary on furlough (Ma&Pa), on maternity leave (woot!), and jobless (Anna) is that you can just pick up and take a mini vacation whenever you feel like it. We snuck away to Kent's parent's (aka: my inlaws) lake house for a few days. The vacation included..
Kent's {BEST EVER} moist, juicy, delish grilled chicken
Yahtzee and Taboo
Cable TV
Boat ride
Patch {Michael Phelps} Suits 
Doubles tennis

Not a weight-legal life jacket, but we made it back in one piece.
(insert parenting judgement here) 
Thanks to Grandma for the super cute REI hat

I promise she can breathe
The {pale} girls 
Just Chillin' 
Our lake tour guide 
Anna and Ma after they jumped in 


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