Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Bread {January}

One of my goals for twenty-eighteen is to bake more often so that I can eat my feelings become a better baker. Originally my plan was to make a cheesecake every month because they're fun and look more impressive than they actually are. I balked on that idea because I couldn't justify buying the ingredients or feeding my kids copious amounts of cheesecake. I switched to bread because it seems more family friendly (and cheaper!) I'm not really a "bread person" but this plan will hopefully ensure that I won't be lying on my deathbed kicking myself for never having made The Pioneer Woman's cinnamon rolls. Each month I'll rate the bread based on 2 important things...

1. Ease of baking/clean up
2. Taste, duh.

braided sweet bread

Where: The Baker Upstairs via a Pinterest search

warning: sweet bread is also like, cow intestines or goat brain. if you choose to google it, you've been warned... 

Why: A lady from our former church in South Carolina (S. Skelly for you locals) makes a loaf of bread that will bring tears to your eyes. It's soft and sweet and sticks straight to your hips. I think it has won awards at the state fair no joke. I have yet to straight up ask her for the recipe (maybe some day?) so I'm doing my own informal Skelly Bread Recipe Search. 
When: A Monday afternoon in late January. I was abnormally tired (does that say one teaspoon or tablespoon of salt?) and my kitchen counters were cluttered, but I forged ahead, because around here there's rarley a perfect time to bake. I mean, half way through the process, this walked in...
Result: This bread was easy to make, bake and clean up. I think the bread was under-baked, but that didn't stop my little family from eating an entire loaf at dinner. noshame It was tasty, but not Skelly Tasty. The search continues. 
Rating: 3/5 (insert three cute wooden spoon pictures here)

L: Auds was a faithful encourager R: The finished product 

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  1. The bread looks delicious! But the baby is cuter. Much cuter.


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