Thankful Thursday

Baby Shower

In mid-June a handful of ladies from our former church threw a baby shower for us. I brought Caris along (which felt SURREAL) She watched a muted version of Alice in Wonderland (the cute theme of the shower) and ate too many sweets. Each person gave us a picture book and we took home a small fortune in gift cards. much money. They blessed our socks off and it was humbling and overwhelming. Diapers for life!

Disney Passes

Our passes include black out dates (around major holidays and then most of the summer). Our black out time was set to end on August 14, but we got an email telling us that it was bumped up to August 1st because two rides were closing forever. Kent and the girls are at Epcot today and it's a much needed distraction for all of us. The only rule is Kent has to keep his phone on him and turned up at all times. We're close to my due date and the drive home from Disney is almost an hour. Living on the edge, baby. winkyface


Money to buy splurgy-groceries (ice cream! oreos!), gas for our cars and to set the air conditioning on a comfortable 75 degrees (instead of 80 like these crazy Floridians WHAT?) We lack nothing.

Honorable mentions... Three car seats that fit in my car, Kent's hard work in looking for a job, Reef flip flops, freedom to plop my kids in front of the TV, friends who check in on us, a care package from my BFF, a book that brings laughter and distraction, the excitement of adding a baby girl to our family, a new diaper bag en route right now, our girls are awesome sleepers, a clean kitchen, my ma is coming soon!
bedtime storytime 


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