Happy Anniversary

Did today feel different to you?

Special in any way?

Today, February 17, marks T E N Y E A R S of blogging for me! Whaaaattttt. I started blogging to document my family (the first post was about my dad falling down the steps after chasing squirrels with a shot gun. Click here) and in the last ten years I've had plenty of life to record (Graduations, marriages, jobs, a move to Africa, babies) Blessed. After maxing out the free storage on my first blog, I switched to Packin' Parkers until I landed at my current blog.

Will you do me a huge favor?

After ten years of clicking away on various keyboards, bearing my heart and soul to you (guilt tactics in full force) and sharing pictures of those near and dear to me...

Will you tell me who you are?

I'm dying to know who my readers are! I know a few of you, but I'm curious to know who my lurkers are. I am the number one blog lurker, no shame.

Reveal yourself!

1. Email me at kpsuits at gmail dot com
2. Text me (if we're close like that)
3. Leave a public comment below

Tell me who you are, where you're reading from, maybe what life stage you're in and what your favorite ice cream flavor is. JOKES. Why does everyone pick favorite ice cream flavor??

You DON'T have to leave any positive/fun/uplifting comments about my blog. This is not a test! It's not like a wife saying, "Don't get me any presents for my birthday this year" ....

I would geek out if some random mom wrote to me and simply said, "Tina from Ohio! I also have two girls. I found your blog by hopping around the internet" Day.made.

I don't care if we haven't actually spoken in ten years. Or you only know my parents. Or if you're my crazy ex boyfriend jokes! Take a second and write to me. You can do this!

Until I receive tens of thousands responses, I'm going to let this awkward camping picture linger here


  1. I love your blog...Even though you don't really care, my favorite ice cream is Blue Bell, various flavors, but not the flavor that gives you listeria. My stage of life is getting old, about the same as your ma. But I still can go down a slide with a grandchild. I hope you geek out with a follower from who knows where?

  2. Faithful blog reader since the Vida Loca days!!! You're my blogging fave! I'm a mom of two girls, wife of a youth pastor, and I'm basically following in your footsteps (minus the dog), so you're my Mom/Wife/Pastor's Wife role model. Woot! Keep up the good posts! I expect another good 10 years of blogging to come!

  3. I read it!!!!! Mom of one girl and I guess now an aspiring pastor's wife given that the hubs has just started seminary...as you already know...

  4. Ben in SC. Single father. Chocolate cookie quarry

  5. Miriam in SC :) mom to 4 kiddos. Love reading. Keep it up! Also, favorite ice cream...Not a flavor rather a place. You'll have to check out sweet cream co. On main. St in downtown Columbia next time your up here :)

  6. Pam in Philly :) have loved keeping up with you via your blog for 10 years! I'm not as frequent a visitor as my daughters, so I usually have to play catch up (thus the late comment). Keep blogging - you have a great way with words!


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