Papa Kent

Dear Baby,
People often talk about women and the glow they have when they're pregnant. I got it a few times, but not as much towards the end when I was as swollen as a big balloon. (A BALLOON. Just ask your Dad) But no one really talks about the Daddy Glow. Your Dad had The Glow for days after your birth. He loved to talk about you and show you off to anyone who would listen. He got in trouble in the hospital for carrying you down the hallway in his arms instead of your crib-on-wheels. He couldn't put you down. While you stayed in the NICU he visited you late at night and early the next morning.

  You've got a great Dad and he'll teach you a lot of important things in life.. like how to pay for things with exact change and how to keep a beat. And I'll teach you how to talk him into giving you things and getting you out of sticky situations (I've become a pro). 


P.S. As I typed this he held you while you screamed like a wild woman. I was trying a new "Fall asleep without a pacifier" parenting strategy. FAIL.


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