Shout Out to the Mamas

On Monday, as I was getting ready (Side note: my kids always ask me, "Where are we going?" when they see me getting ready which proves that I'm WINNING AT LIFE. Maybe I'm just getting ready for life? Nope. You're right, we're going somewhere) A verse came to mind, the first part of Galatians  6:14, "May I never boast except in the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ.." I let it sink in and was like, "TRUTH" before moving on. Fast forward an hour or so later when I walked into the post office with my three girls. I noticed that there were 7 people ahead of us in line as I sucked in my breath and contemplated leaving. And then...a Christmas miracle...they.did.everything.right. The baby was awake, but silent. Liza stood by my leg and didn't pull on any of my clothing (up or down), Caris not only held our packages, but sang in a loud enough to hear but not loud enough to be obnoxious voice a made up song that went something like, "I'm so happy today, so happy today, Jesus is born today" AS IF THAT WASN'T ENOUGH, my hair was washed and styled and the big girls were wearing leggings and boots. WHAT. I left thinking, "Is this real life?" But also, my verse from the morning came back to me, "May I never boast..." May I never boast in well behaved kids or how well we're dressed. So, shout out to the mamas today. Let's put our identity not in perfect trips to the post office or awful trips to Chick fil A when your kid is stuck and screaming at the top of the play place and you're the only person that can rescue them while sweating and gritting your teeth, but in Jesus. Only in Jesus. 


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